Disneyland Paris Travel Essentials

Disneyland Paris Travel Essentials

On Sunday I am heading to Disneyland Paris for 4 nights and I thought I would share some of my Disney Essentials for the trip! Obviously these aren’t the only items you should take to Disney but I thought I would put together a list of things that I couldn’t not take on my trip to Disneyland Paris next week.

Travel Documents

This will be my first holiday without my parents and so will be the first time I have to keep track of my passport and all the other documents. I have a folder to keep them all in so they are all neat and organised. I love this travel wallet from Disaster Designs. It is the ‘In a Nutshell’ Travel Wallet and can be purchased from a variety of places including Lisa Angel for £24.90.


After travel documents, the most important thing I need to remember is my medication. I have a severe nut allergy and I also have asthma. Both conditions require me to carry medication everywhere I go. These medications are essential and I have to make sure I have them at all times. Whilst I am away I am going to store any of my medication in this adorable pouch from Uniqlo. It is the perfect size for my two epi-pens and also will fit my inhalers as well as liquid and tablet piriton.

I am giving away one of the pouches on my Instagram @bethhnewtonx. Be sure to head to my profile to find out more details about the giveaway.

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Purse, Phone & Watch

Now for the a few general essentials. I will of course need my purse. I am taking my Ted Baker purse because it has two sections for notes meaning I can keep my £’s and €’s separate. I am taking plenty of Euros with me so be sure to expect a haul when I am back from Disneyland!

I am also taking my phone which is an iPhone 7 Plus. I can’t wait to take plenty of photos on my phone and I will of course need my phone to share the holiday on Instagram! I am going to take a portable charger with me just incase my battery doesn’t last the full day.

I will of course be taking my Apple Watch with Minnie Mouse/Mickey Mouse as the face. It is amazing how much walking you do so I’m looking forward to seeing how much we actually do using my watch. I also love that I can have the time at home in the UK in the corner of my watch face. It makes it easy when contacting my family at home and for posting photos on Instagram.


I will of course be taking my camera to Disneyland Paris. I can’t wait to photograph the parades and the parks. I have plenty of spare memory cards and batteries so I don’t have to worry about how many photos I take as I know I’ll want to take so many!

Minnie Ears

Minnie Ears are definitely a Disney Essential. I am taking three different pairs of Minnie Ears on the trip. The pair in the middle are from Primark and I will be wearing those on the way to Disneyland Paris. The other two pairs are from Luby&Lola. I have previously reviewed them here if you would like to give the post a read.

Disney Tops

I have quite the collection of Disney tops so picking tops for just 5 days proved ever so slightly difficult. The top to the far left is from Primark and I will be wearing it to travel in and most likely wear it on the first day we are going to the parks. I absolutely love this top because my heart is definitely in Disney. I have a lot of Mickey Mouse tops but I had to pick one to wear to the character breakfast at Plaza Gardens because we will get to meet the main mouse himself! I picked this top from Primark that I bought for just £6 and it is still in stores at the moment. Primark have the most amazing selection of Disney merchandise including tops so if you are heading to Disney soon be sure to head to Primark. I love the sketch design of this top and the little flecks of colours. If you saw my previous post here, you will have seen that I made a few purchases in Uniqlo during my trip to New York a few weeks ago. I found it really hard to decide which top to take from Uniqlo but I settled on the top pictured on the far right. I love the different Minnie Mouse characters all round the bottom and I can’t wait to wear it in Disney! Unfortunately the top isn’t currently available on the Uniqlo website but there are some others for the collection that are just as lovely.

Disney Jumpers

The weather in Paris can be ever so slightly unpredictable so I am trying to pack for all weathers. I decided to take a few jumpers for on an evening or early on a morning if it is slightly colder. They of course had to be Disney jumpers.

The first jumper is from Forever 21. I bought it last year but I still absolutely love it. It is really comfy and not too warm so will be perfect for layering. The jumper doesn’t seem to be available online anymore but Forever 21 have an amazing selection of other Disney clothing items at the moment.

The next jumper is from Primark. I had seen the jumper on Instagram but never got round to buying it, but I am so glad I have it! It has a slightly boxy style and I love all the different patches. Plus it features my two favourites Minnie and Mickey.

The last jumper I purchased from George at Asda a few months ago and I am so glad I picked it up as the next time I went in they had all sold out! I have seen similar ones in other shops including Primark, but this one is lovely quality and I love that the sequins can be pushed and changed into different colours.

Comfy Shoes

As I mentioned before Disney is a lot of walking. I have had my Sketchers for a while now and they have never let me down so far so I will definitely be taking them to Disneyland Paris, During my week trip to New York they were amazing. So comfy and my feet didn’t ache till a few days in which is pretty good going I would say. They have never given me blisters before *touch wood* but I will be taking blister plasters… just incase. Comfy shoes are a complete essential for Disney and I would 100% recommend Sketchers. I have some Disney shoes from Primark as well as some Disney Vans but I am sticking to what I know I can rely on to get me through a full day of walking round the Disney Parks.

Waterproof Jacket

I will be taking a denim jacket as well as the jumpers mentioned above but I will also be taking a waterproof jacket. The weather forecast isn’t always 100% accurate and I know that there is a good chance it will rain at some point during our stay. I love my yellow raincoat from Topshop and I’m definitely taking it to Disney. Topshop don’t currently stock the exact one that I have but they have a similar one here. I love the pink and the purple ones that they have in stock this season! New Look also have some that are cheaper than Topshop including a yellow one (currently on sale!) as well as a pink one (also currently on sale!) which I really like.

Thank you for reading my post and I hope you found it helpful if you are heading to Disneyland Paris or any of the Disney parks soon! I will be away in Disneyland Paris from Monday to Friday (15th-19th) next week so I am taking the opportunity to have a week off from blogging.

Beth x