Kids Grown Up by Sophie Jo

Kids Grown Up by Sophie Jo

I follow Sophie Jo on Instagram so I already knew that she is extremely talented when it comes to writing poetry. I have to admit I’m not generally a fan of poetry but Sophie Jo has converted me. It could have something to do with the Disney theme of her poems… I’m not entirely sure how I came across her account but I know when I did I went though her profile and read practically every poem she has shared. When I saw a few weeks ago that she had produced her own book filled with her poems I knew I had to buy it.

I messaged Sophie Jo and asked if the book is packaged to allow it to go through the letterbox as I didn’t know if anyone would be home for the delivery. She kindly messaged me back and told me that it is packaged in a hardback A5 envelope so would fit through the letterbox. I then placed my order and waited for it to arrive!

I only had to wait a couple of days for it to arrive after placing my order. The envelope had a Minnie Mouse sticker on the front which I thought was a nice touch.

Not only did the envelope have the book inside, it also came with a Disney postcard. I love the design and it was nice to see a little message on the back from Sophie. It is such a nice personal touch to have included.

The book is beautiful. I love the simplistic and crisp design of the front cover. The quality of the paper is lovely and you honestly wouldn’t think that it only cost £4.99 including the delivery.

I have to say that I love every single one of the poems. Sophie has managed to capture the thoughts of a Disney fan absolutely perfectly! They are such a great read and I know I’ll be reading it over and over again. My personal favourite has to be Kids Grown Up but I also really love It’s a Small World.

Sophie posted a new poem on social media about a week ago called ‘sue and rob’ and it is possibly the best thing I have ever read as a Disney fan. I’m sure anyone else who has read it will agree with me!

If you are interested in supporting Sophie Jo then be sure to purchase Kids Grown Up here. You can also follow her on Instagram and Twitter.



I’ll never stop shopping in Primark and The Disney Store because lets be honest, they have such an amazing selection of Disney merchandise. However, the past few months I have made a few purchases from independent sellers whether that is through their own website as with Sophie Jo or through Etsy. There is something about ordering from someone independent that makes the purchase that bit more special. I am going to start making at least one purchase per month from someone independent and sharing it here on my blog or on my Instagram.

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I have a few Etsy shops that I have my eye on but be sure to let me know any suggestions in the comments or let me know if you have your own store I should check out!

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