Apple Watch Review

Apple Watch Review

Last week I launched my new series ‘Everyday Disney’ with the first instalment showing you how I add some Disney magic to my everyday life. I shared the Disney bags that I have and would recommend last week, if you haven’t already read the post you can read it here.

This week I am going to share with you another way that I add Disney to my everyday life. I have an Apple Watch that I wear every single day (apart from the days I forget to charge it…) and I obviously have it set to the Minnie Mouse face. It looks so cute with Minnie Mouse as the face and people don’t initially notice that I basically have a Disney watch. I absolutely love my Apple Watch and on those days where I do forget to charge it I feel a little bit lost without it as I am so used to it. Plus its no fun not having Minnie Mouse to look at when I need to know what time it is!

I love that I can get notifications for my text messages and alerts when to take my medication which is perfect for when I don’t have my phone to hand. One thing I love is that when my phone rings so does my watch. I could answer the phone and talk to my watch, but that isn’t quite for me. Instead as my watch rings I never miss a phone call because I can get to my phone in time. I used to regularly not hear my phone ringing when it was in my bag and I’m sure I’m not the only one this has happened to. Of course Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse are the main reason I love my Apple Watch 😉



When you swipe up in the screen you can access a menu which shows basic settings such as Do Not Disturb and Flight mode. The main menu enables you to access your different apps including your messages, emails and photos app.

I love how the Apple Watch looks and I love the bit of Disney it adds everyday. If you tap Minnie Mouse she even tells you the time which I think is a nice touch! The same works for Mickey Mouse.

There are so many options for customisation of your watch face. You can select either Mickey or Minnie Mouse and pick from a wide range of colours, 25 to be exact. There is a whole range of different colours including different shades of pink and blue. I tend to pick ‘Light Pink’ for the majority of the time as it matches my actual watch but I like that you can pick whatever colour works best for you. You can also customise what you would like around the clock face. I  always have a digital time in the left hand box and in the right hand box I have the day and date. You can also pick what you would like displayed at the bottom of the screen. I tend to change what I display regularly. At the moment I have the time of sunset displayed but I sometimes display the activity or the battery percentage. You can customise your clock face on the watch itself or using the iPhone app.



I would 100% recommend an Apple Watch if you couldn’t already tell but there are also other beautiful Disney inspired watches if an Apple Watch isn’t for you.

H.Samuel have a beautiful range of Disney watches available. If you search their website for ‘disney watches’ you can see the range of watches they have for women, children and men. My personal favourites are from the watches for her are the  Disney Minnie Mouse Black Leather Strap Watch £29.99 and the  Disney Minnie Mouse Stone Set Black Leather Strap Watch £34.99. There are plenty available and at reasonable price.

Primark are also known to stock Disney inspired watches. Primark have a quite a quick turn around on stock so I’m not 100% certain which ones are going to be in stock and when but it is definitely worth checking there.

Beth x

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