Disney Store Wishlist – April 2017

Disney Store Wishlist – April 2017

Tomorrow I head to New York for a week so I will only be posting twice this week whilst I’m gone. I’ll be posting again on Friday at 7pm but today I thought I would share the items that are at the top of my Disney Store wish list. They are not in any particular order other than number 1 is definitely top of my list and number 9 is the item I am least likely to purchase any time soon even though I do love it!

Photos from The Disney Store website.  

1. Dumbo Medium Soft Toy £19.99 – Dumbo is definitely at the top of my Wishlist at the moment. I have been tempted to buy him on the last few visits to the Disney Store and the cost has always put me off because I am not a huge Disney soft toy collector. However, I have decided that I definitely need to add him to my collection as soon as possible!

2. Disney Animators’ Collection Baby Turtle Mini Bean Bag, Moana £7.99 – I have really fallen in love with the Mini Bean Bag sized soft toys in the Disney Store on my last few visits and one of the ones that I particularly love is the Baby Turtle from Moana. I think they are a perfect size and are a good price as well.

3. Mickey Mouse Shaped Mug £10.99 – I love Disney mugs and I know as soon as I move out I will want to buy them all! The Disney Store have released quite a few mugs recently and one of my favourites is the Mickey Mouse mug.

4. Snow White 3D Poisoned Apple Mug £12.99 – Another Disney Mug! I have seen this mug go in and out of stock online and I have yet to see it in store so it must be popular. I love the design and its definitely one I want to purchase at some point.

5. Minnie Mouse Mini Bean Bag Soft Toy £7.95 and 6. Mickey Mouse Mini Bean Bag Soft Toy £7.95 – Like I said previously I have fallen in love with the Mini Bean Bag soft toys and I don’t actually own either Mickey or Minnie so I definitely want to add both of them to my collection soon.

7. Disney Store 30th Anniversary Tsum Tsum Mini Soft Toys, Set of 6 £19.99 – When the anniversary pieces were released I was immediately drawn to the tsum tsum set. All the characters look so cute and I love the box that it comes in. I have been tempted everytime I have gone instore recently so I assume at some point or another I will cave and add it to my collection!

8. Mickey and Minnie Mouse Ladies’ Top £18.99 – I love Disney clothing. My wardrobe has largely been taken over by Disney clothing and I think this top will have to be added to my collection at some point. I love the design and it is a reasonable price for the Disney Store.

9. Pua Large Soft Toy, Moana £40.99 – The only thing that is stopping me purchasing this is the cost. I absolutely love the giant Pua! I wish he had a bigger role in Moana because he is one of the cutest characters Disney have created if you ask me. Every visit to the Disney Store involves me being incredibly excited over how cute the giant Pua is. I’m not sure when I will be able to get him but I hope it isn’t too long!

Hope you enjoyed seeing what I am currently loving and wishing for from the Disney Store. Be sure to let me know what is on your current Disney Store wishlist.

Beth x