DisneyLife Review

DisneyLife Review

I have wanted to sign up to Disney Life for the longest time. I already have Netflix and it has taken over my life ever so slightly, but they don’t have the best selection for Disney films and TV.

After reading a few blogs and Instagram posts about how much people love Disney Life I knew I wanted to sign up. The service seemed to offer so much for such a small amount of money every month. Since having Disney Life I definitely haven’t been disappointed.

DisneyLife costs £4.99 each month after a 7 day free trail.

I think that £4.99 is amazing value for money considering everything you get with the service. I remember when it first launched it cost £10 a month which I do think is overpriced. However £4.99 is the perfect amount to pay for DisneyLife, definitely a bargain!

DisneyLife offers anything Disney you can think of.

There are endless amounts of movies, TV, music and books on the app. There are sooo many films to watch. I love that they have Pixar films, Live Action and the Disney classics. I have also watched a few of the shorts including Tangled Ever After which I loved! I grew up with Disney Channel so being able to watch all the Disney Channel Original Movies and TV Shows is the best! I have already watched quite a lot of Hannah Montana and That’s So Raven… I haven’t used the ‘Books’ section of the app as they are aimed more at children. From what I can see though it looks great for kids as they have books for different reading stages. I have used the music to listen to Disney Parks soundtracks and some Disney classics.

DisneyLife has a fun, bright and easy to use interface.

I love the design of the DisneyLife app. It is bright and fun and everything an app of all things Disney should be. Each account can pick which Disney character they want as their profile avatar. You can pick from practically every character which made my decision ever so slightly difficult. I love the way that the interface changes on your film or TV selection. I have had no issues with the functionality of the app and I love just browsing through everything on offer.

You can download content from the app to view offline.

I found this perfect for my recent trip to London. I downloaded a few films and a few of my favourite Disney Channel TV episodes to watch whilst travelling. You can download an unlimited amount for offline viewing which will be perfect for the journey to Walt Disney World! I can’t wait to pick everything I want to watch on the way to Disney.

By signing up to DisneyLife you get 10% off Disney Store UK either online or in-store.

You can redeem 5 10% off codes per month. I have to admit that the discount was one of the things that made me want Disney Life. I have already used the discount when visiting Oxford Street Disney Store last weekend to make my Dumbo Soft Toy a little bit cheaper. The discount works really well and would definitely benefit if  you make regular Disney Store purchases. I will definitely be making the most of the discount in the future 😉

You can register 10 different devices.

I think that it is great that you can use DisneyLife on so many devices. One of the problems with other services such as, Netflix is that you are limited with how many devices you can use. 10 is plenty of devices for the whole family in my opinion. I share DisneyLife with my family and it means we can all have the app on multiple devices. I have the app on my iPad at the moment and stream it to my Apple TV using AirPlay. It also works great on your phone as you can use it to listen to music.



If you have any questions about DisneyLife then be sure to leave them in the comments. I would 100% recommend signing up for the trial as I am sure you’ll fall in love with it like I did. You get so much for just £4.99. I love that I can work my way through all the Disney films and TV now. The only problem is the 10% discount in the Disney Store is going to encourage me to spend more 🙊

Beth x


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