I have seen a variety of posts on Instagram talking about #DisneyBookWeek. I hadn’t heard of the campaign before so I decided to have a look into what it was all about and I love the idea so I decided to get involved.

#DisneyBookWeek is a campaign ran by Parragon Books. Parragon Books publish a variety of Disney and Marvel products including books, toys and gifts. I actually didn’t realise which books are published by Parragon Books, so I was surprised to discover they published Beauty and the Beast Lost in a Book which has been on my wishlist for a while now!

The campaign runs from 15 May to 11 June. The idea behind the campaign is that “families can relive their favourite Disney moments transformed from screen to page with Parragon’s Disney Movie Collection books.” I think that the idea behind the campaign is brilliant, it certainly encourage me to finally buy the books I had been looking at for months now.

I have seen the Disney Movie Collection Books in stores before and always admired how beautiful they are. I decided that to join in with #DisneyBookWeek I would purchase my first books from the collection. The books are available in a variety of stores including Amazon, Asda and Smyths Toys. Personally I have always loved the Tesco Exclusive editions as they are A5 size rather than A4. They will be much easier to store which means I’ll be able to collect more of them. They are also only £2/£3 which is an amazing price for the quality of the book and the illustrations. I decided to pick up some of the ones used in the campaign as well as Monsters Inc because who doesn’t love Monsters Inc!

The reason I have always been draw to the collection is the design. The covers are very clean and classic. I love how all the different bright colours look together when they are displayed in shops. The illustrations inside the books are absolutely stunning. I am someone who loves Disney for the details and the art so I am a massive fan of the Disney Movie Collection. The illustrations are very ‘classic Disney’ in style. Every page is beautiful and I think that Disney fans young or old will appreciate the series. I couldn’t just talk about how beautiful these books are so I have took plenty of photos to give you an idea what the books are like.

I am so glad that reading about #DisneyBookWeek encouraged me to go and buy these Disney books. They have been on my wishlist for a while now and I can’t wait to collect the rest of the series. Be sure to let me know if you have any of the Disney Movie Collection books and if you have a favourite, personally my favourite so far is Tangled but I still want Beauty and the Beast so I’m sure that would come a close second.


Beth x

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