Disney Wishlist – June 2017

Disney Wishlist – June 2017

If you follow me on Instagram (@disney_bybeth) then you will know I am a slight shop-a-holic when it comes to Disney merchandise. What Disney fan isn’t? I gradually add Disney items to my collection so it doesn’t often justify a full haul. Instead I tend to post my purchases on Instagram so if you would like to see my recent purchases then be sure to head there.

I don’t currently have a huge Disney Wishlist (for once) but there are a few things I have had my eye on! I am sure that I will add more things to the list soon enough, mainly thanks to Primark. For now thought I thought I would share my current wishlist of Disney merchandise.

1. Disney Couture Minnie Mouse Rocks White Gold-Plated Headband Necklace, Disney Couture £45.00 – I will start by saying that this necklace has a unnecessarily long product title! I have had my eye on a few pieces from Disney Couture for the longest time, but I have finally decided on the piece I would really love to order! It is certainly the most expensive piece on my wishlist but it is also my favourite. I can imagine myself wearing the necklace all the time. Plus who doesn’t want to wear Minnie Ears everyday? I know I do.

2. Eeyore Mini Tsum Tsum & Tigger Tsum Tsum Mini, Disney Store £3.00 each – I have been on the look out for Eeyore and Tigger to go with my Pooh and Piglet for a while now. I haven’t seen them in the Disney Store (or Clintons) for a while now but I hope I can get them soon.

3. Best of Pixar Series 2 Tsums Tsums, Disney Store – I seem to developed a love for Tsums Tsums the last few months and I can’t wait to get my hands on the set being released on July 4th. I found an image which shows the tsums tsums in the set (website linked above) and I love it! The set features both Up and Ratatouille which I am extremely excited about! Up is one of, if not my favourite Disney film and it is very rare to find any mechanise of the film, so I am definitely going to be making a purchase or two on release day.

4. Primark Chip Mug, Primark £5 – I am sure there are plenty of other people who also have this extremely hard to get hold of mug on their Disney wishlist! I haven’t yet managed to get hold of one but hopefully I will eventually. I’m also hoping at some point I can get the new Mrs Potts and Chip pyjamas that Primark have brought out! I have managed to finally get hold of the 3D Chip purse which I love! I am giving away one of the Primark 3D Chip purses as well as one of the Chip bags on Instagram. If you would like to be entered then be sure to check out the giveaway on my account. Now closed.



5. Disney UP House will Balloons Watercolour Painting Print, SweetAllureShop – I absolutely love the designs by SweetAllureShop on Etsy. I have my eye on a few but I particularly love the Up design. They are such a reasonable price and there are so many to pick from.

6. Disney Eeyore Pyjamas, Asda £14 – Although I probably don’t need anymore Disney Pjs, I am thinking I might need these ones. I have rediscovered my love for Eeyore (sorry Pooh Bear!) recently and these pyjamas are just too cute not to get.

7. Disney Beauty and the Beast Lost in a Book, Amazon £7.99 – I have already got a few Disney themed books but this one has drawn my attention since it was released. I love the design of the front cover and from what I have heard it is a good read. I definitely want to add this book to my shelves sometime soon.

8. Poor Unfortunate Soul: A Tale of the Sea Witch, Amazon £12.33 – I have already read The Beast Within and Fairest of All by Serena Valentino and loved both. The only one that I am missing is Poor Unfortunate Soul. The other two books I have are Hardback so I will get Poor Unfortunate Souls in hardback also despite it being so much more expensive! The paperback is only £3.85…

Beth x

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