Current Tsum Tsum Collection

Current Tsum Tsum Collection

I haven’t been around for a little while due to an injury in both my wrists. I’ve only been able to do a tiny bit of typing for the past week or so but I am getting better now so I thought I would do a bit of blogging again.

I’ve been gradually collecting tsum tsums for a while now and I am pretty happy with my collection so far. I thought now would be a good time to do a collection post as I haven’t bought many in a while and I love my little collection so far.

I have my collection scattered all over my bedroom so I feel like they are taking up less space 😂 Some of them are from Clintons and some are from The Disney Store. Personally I prefer buying them from The Disney Store. The quality from there seems to be a bit nicer and each one is 50p cheaper which does add up after you’ve bought a few. You can also use Disney Life discount in the Disney Store. Clintons are more convenient for me as I have one in my local town and don’t have a Disney Store, hence why a few are from there. They also have some on sale for £2 now and again.

I will include details of where each one is from and how much they cost. I’ll include a link to purchase where I can.

The first ones I have sat on my bookcase on top of my Clothbound Classics. I love how these ones look together all neat and tidy.

Top Row, Left to Right

  • Chip, Clintons £3.
  • Pua from Moana, Disney Store, £3. I couldn’t not buy the Pua tsum tsum as I love the character so much. I really wish he had a bigger role in Moana as he is so cute. Such a shame he is sold out online but you might be able to find him in your local Disney Store.
  • Stitch from Lilo and Stitch, Disney Store, £3. The Stitch tsum tsusm is actually the only piece of Stitch merchandise I have. But at least it is a good piece!
  • Anger from Inside Out, Clintons. £2 in the sale.

Bottom Row, Left to Right

  • Chip from Beauty and the Beast, Disney Store £3. Available from Clintons online here.Chip was actually the only one from the Beauty and the Beast collection that I liked so I am really happy I have him.
  • Holiday Pluto, Clintons. Bought in the sale a few years ago.
  • Mater and Lightening McQueen from Cars, Disney Store £3 each.My little brother has always loved Cars so I have grown up with the film and I absolutely love it as well. Mater is one of the best Disney characters and I couldn’t not get Lightening.


The other side of my bookcase also has tsum tsums but they are a lot less organised 😂 The different heights of the books makes it quite difficult for them to fit properly but I don’t mind.

  • Mrs Jumbo from Dumbo, Clintons £3.50.
  • Remy from Ratatouille, Disney Store £3. Remy is currently sold out online but may still be available in-store. He has a cute little embroidered spoon on the side and is so cute.
  • Dumbo from Dumbo, Disney Store £3.
  • Pascal from Tangled: The Series, Disney Store £3.I love this little Pascal! His face is so cute and cheeky, I love him. I was so happy to see him in store one day.
  • Baby Dumbo from Dumbo, Clintons £3.50
  • Pascal from Tangled, Clintons £3.50
  • Timothy from Dumbo, Clintons £3.50

The next tsums tsums are some of my absolute favourites. If I am honest they are some of my favourite pieces in my whole Disney collection.

Bottom Row, Left to Right

  • Doug Cone of Shame from Up, Disney Store £3.
  • Carl from Up, Disney Store £3.
  • Russel from Up, Disney Store £3.I love, love, love Up! If I had to pick a favourite Disney film I would probably say Up. Up doesn’t regularly get a lot of merchandise so I knew I had to have these when I heard they were being released.

Top Row, Left to Right

  • Disneyland Paris 25th Anniversary Minnie Mouse
  • Disneyland Paris 25th Anniversary Mickey MouseI bought both these tsums tsums during my May trip to Disneyland Paris. They have such cute designs and they are a lovely reminder of visiting during the park anniversary.


Most people know that I love Winnie the Pooh including all the characters. I have one of the shelves on my bookcase which has a lot of my little bits of Winnie the Pooh merchandise including the tsum tsums.



  • Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh, Disney Store £3.Eeyore is actually my most recent addition to my tsum tsum collection. I was planning on ordering him online with my last order but he was out of stock at the time. I spotted him in a local pop-up Disney Store and had to have him to complete the Winnie the Pooh character collection.
  • Winnie the Pooh, Disney Store £3.


  • Piglet from Winnie the Pooh, Disney Store £3. Online Piglet Winking version available.
  • Tigger from Winnie the Pooh, Clintons £3.50. I actually bought this off my little brother. He had it in his collection and I really wanted him so managed to convince him to let me buy it from him. I would have preferred a Disney Store version but maybe I’ll get one of those another time.

The last ones that I have are from New York that I bought during my trip April just gone. They were actually one of the first things that I knew I wanted from New York.

Beth x

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