Alice in Wonderland x Cath Kidston Favourites

Alice in Wonderland x Cath Kidston Favourites

As most Disney fans probably know, Cath Kidston announced their latest collobration with Disney a few weeks ago. On Thursday (24th May), the new Alice in Wonderland x Cath Kidston collection will be pre-released online and in selected stores at 7pm.

Whilst I do wish the collection had been Mary Poppins, I’m a lot more excited about it being Alice in Wonderland that I thought I would be. There are some beautiful pieces, and I’m sure I won’t be able to resist at least a small purchase on Thursday. They have incorporated the Disney classic perfectly with the Cath Kidston prints.

I’m currently saving all I can for Disneyland Paris in a few weeks time, so I won’t be buying much from the release for now. I am hoping to collect a few pieces over time though. With the last Mickey Mouse collection, I really enjoyed putting together a wishlist so thought I would do the same this time around. You can see the full preview on the Cath Kidston website here.

1. Painting The Roses Disney Shoulder Tote – £45.00

Although I’m not a fan of the style of bag, I absolutely love the pattern on this shoulder tote. The blue looks beautiful and it is such a clever use of Alice. Unfortunately I wouldn’t use a bag like this one very often, but it is still gorgeous. I can imagine it will be quite popular.

2. Alice in Wonderland Buckle Backpack ~ £60.00

I think this might be my favourite out of all the pieces. I seem to have an inability to resist Cath Kidston backpacks… The quote pattern from the collection is by far my favourite. I love the colour and that there are so many different characters included. The design of the bag looks great as well, especially the water bottle holders on the outside. I am going to struggle to resist this one I’m sure. Hoping I can hold out until it inevitably goes in the sale.

3. Set Of Two Alice And Friends Pouches – £15.00

I’m a massive fan of pouches as it makes organisation so easy. They released similar ones in the last collection, and these look just as lovely. I particularly like the Alice one. They don’t seem too bad a value for money either considering how nice the pattern is and how useful they are.

4. Alice’s Meadow Continental Wallet – £40.00

Whilst I won’t be buying this piece, I highly recommend it! I have the wallet from the 101 Dalmatians collection and it is one of the best purchases I ever made. The continental wallets have so many card sections, sections for both cash & cards as well as a pocket at the back on the outside. The one I have from the other collection is still in mint condition despite using it daily for over a year now.

5. Alice Hearts Minilite Umbrella – £30.00

The umbrella is so cute! I love the heart at the end of the handle. The only thing putting me off this one is the price. £30 seems like a bit much for an umbrella if you ask me. It would be a good purchase once it goes into the sale though.

6. Alice’s Words Cotton Shirt Dress – £80.00

As I mentioned before, I love the quote print so much. This shirt dress is stunning. It looks beautiful and I can just imagine it is even nicer in person. Unfortunately I don’t think I would get enough wear out of it to justify spending £80. I do love it though, and it is one of my favourite pieces from the collection.

7. Painting The Roses Disney Print Jumper – £55.00

I always seem to be tempted by the jumpers from the Disney collections for some reason, and this one is no different. The design is super cute and I don’t think the price is *too bad* considering the brand and design.

8. Set Of Two Alice’s Words Tumblers – £22.00

I wouldn’t have a use for these with still living at home, but I love the design of the two tumbler glasses. They look so pretty, I’d be terrified of braking them!

9. Alice and Friends Mug – £10.00

I have a mug from the 101 Dalmatians and the Peter Pan collection and I love them. They are the perfect shape and size. These mugs are great value for money and I use them all the time. I will be definitely be getting one of the mugs on Thursday. I haven’t decided which character yet though, but I’m leading towards Alice.

10. Alice and Friends Teacup And Saucer – £18.00

A teacup seems like the most essential item for a Alice in Wonderland collection. I am wondering if any other characters are on the cup though as you can only see the one in the preview. £18 seems a little pricey, but it still is absolutely perfect for the collection.


Hope you manage to get everything you would like from the new collection! I’ll be there ready to have a browse and maybe make a couple of purchases this Thursday at 7pm!

Beth x


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